5 Design Trends for 2021

With the crazy, insane year that was 2020 hopefully behind us, we thought we would look at some of the hottest design trends for 2021.
1. Sunshine and lollipops!

With pantone announcing the colours of 2021 as yellow and grey we are foreseeing an outlook of light, bright and cheerful homes, with natural, neutral tones still very present. Pops of colour are always welcome with our vison being polished concrete floors and splashes of yellow as shown in this amazing kitchen by Klopper and Davis Architects
2. Green, green and more green. 
Our love for indoor plants and greenery is not going anywhere. With more of us staying home more than every before, our plant babies are getting all the attention they need to survive and thrive in our homes. Next step is to find the perfect platform to show them off. Our Sandy's Side Table is the perfect height for plants next to the lounge or in the bedroom.
3. Natural materials
2020 allowed us time to reflect on what is important in our lives at a local and a global scale. With supply chains clogged the world over, many of us decided to make informed choices about the products we were purchasing. Thinking about how and where they were made. Quality over mass produced is definitely a trend that more and more people will be moving to in 2021.
4. Rattan 
It looks like the trend for rattan is going no where. This sustainable material, made from a fast growing vine like plant how become a firm favourite in households of all ages. From rattan cots and dolls houses to lounges, mirrors and almost any item you can think off. Artisans are inventing more ways to utilise this amazing material and bring innovative products to you, including our Bow's bed head, intricately inlaid by hand with rattan
5. Earthy Neutral Shades
While pops of bold colours are starting to see a resurgence we will still see a huge use of earthy, natural and neutral tones. These colour tones help to keep us grounded and connect us to our Earth, they compliment all items you place in your home and are easy on the eye. 

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