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About Us

Welcome to Ocean Luxe. I am a Nicola, a Mumma of two beautiful ocean loving babes, who are my constant inspiration. We live in beautiful Fingal Head, a small sleepy town on the beach in Far Northern New South Wales, Australia.

I couldn’t imagine life away from the sea and so I wanted to share a part of it with you. Our newest furniture collection is a range of plantation teak and rattan furniture that has been handcrafted by talented artisans in Indonesia. Each piece is designed here in Australia and individually handmade, making each piece truly unique.

We stock a unique range of natural accessories for you including a large range of bags and hats perfect for lazy summer beach days.

Our gorgeous nature inspired bed linen and cushions will bring that touch of coastal to your living room not matter where you are living. 

Our very first luxury jewellery line brings the ocean to you by showcasing the wonderfully unique Nautilus Shell. Each piece is handmade with sterling silver and resin and no two pieces are alike, as just like human fingerprints all Nautilus shells are unique.


 Ocean Luxe Family Shot



All our products are handmade making each one unique and special. We do try our best to show you a true representation on our website of each product. The item design you choose will be the item you receive however due to the nature of handmade items please expect some slight variations. Sizes and colours are indicative and may vary slightly in real life. This doesn't make them any less stunning.