8 Essential Items for a Great Beach Day

Who doesn’t love a summers day at the beach? I mean what’s not to love about lazing in the warm sun, the sound of the waves breaking, the smell of the salty air, not to mention numerous hot, tanned and toned bodies to perv on. However a great beach day can turn to disaster if you forget to bring the right gear. Here is our top 8 absolute essentials to make any beach day awesome:

1. A great sunscreen is an absolute must. With the rate of skin cancer on the rise you would have to be crazy to not wear sunscreen these days. A sunburnt red face is definitely not the souvenir you want to take home from the beach. Our absolute favourites are Moo Goo's Natural Sunscreen 40+ or the Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion 50+ from We Are Feel Good Inc


2. A great beach bag. - We believe the perfect beach bag is one that doesn't bring home a quarter of that famous white sand. Our Bondi Bag or Noosa Bag are perfect as the sand falls through the natural material. They are both big enough to fit all your beach essentials and both are reinforced with bamboo on the base to improve their strength.

Ocean Luxe Bags

3. The perfect beach towel or sarong. Gone are the days of carting heavy, thick beach towels around. These days stylish Turkish Towels or a simple sarong is all you need to dry yourself off after a swim and to sit on sand. We have four gorgeous sarong patterns to choose from. See them here


4. Hat - Just as important as sunscreen is a great beach hat. Our Bronte Hat gives you super wide coverage and comes in a stunning tribal design, black or natural. If wide brimmed hats aren't your thing our Byron Visors may be more your style. Perfect for salty top knots, post swim.

5. Water bottle. Staying hydrated should be high on your list of priorities when spending the day at the beach. Not only will it make your day more enjoyable but it will also ensure you don't get home and pass out from heat exhaustion. Our pick is a stainless steel bottle from the Frank Green. We got one for Christmas and LOVE IT! You can customise your colours and sizes and it keeps your water cold for hours, even in direct sunlight. Highly recommend.

Frank Green 

6. Sunnies. Look we get it, sunglasses are an everyday essential. But for the beach only polarised will do. Not only do they protect your eyes better but you can see things in the ocean you wouldn't normally see as they knock out the glare. We're talking dolphins, whales, flying fish! Our favs are Le Specs, affordable (so if you happen to leave them at the beach the sting to the hip pocket isn't too bad) and good looking. We are particularly crushing on the "Bandwagon" style at the moment

Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglasses


7. Beach Umbrella. If you want to spend the whole day at the beach a beach umbrella is an absolute must. We are absolutely in love with the collection at Sunday Supply Co. Our favourite is the Sun Ray Beach Umbrella but you really cant go wrong with any of the gorgeous designs.


8. Good Friends and Family. No great beach day is complete without loved ones to share it with. So grab your mates, your partner or your kids and get outside and enjoy the beach!

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